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Steelseries’ latest gaming peripherals are designed with Evil Geniuses in mind

If you’re a professional gamer or juts an amateur who is aspiring to start making money from your passion, then you demand the best equipment. That means you go beyond a focus on the performance you can squeeze out of your gaming PC4, and look hard at the peripherals that are connected to it as well.

For such users, the keyboard and mouse take on extra importance, with precision and mechanical responsiveness leading the way. Steelseries announced its newest line of professional input peripherals that were co-developed with esports team Evil Geniuses and laser-focused on providing the best possible experience to the most exacting gamers.

In fact, the new line is branded Evil Geniuses and as Steelseries CEO Ehtisham Rabbani puts it, “For years, Steelseries has collaborated with Evil Geniuses to test and improve our products to ensure they are tournament ready. Their winning culture and pursuit of excellence in esports aligns with SteelSeries’ commitment to supporting esports professionals with products that help them rise to the challenge.”

That commitment is apparent in the new Evil Geniuses Edition, which includes a keyboard, mouse, and mousepad that not only carries the esports team’s moniker but also promise performance that should make any esports professional happy.

First up is the Rival 300 Evil Geniuses Edition mouse, which is guaranteed to last for at least 30 million clicks. With its Pixart PMW3310 optical sensor, six programmable buttons, and RGB lighting, the Rival 300 is dubbed the “mouse of choice” by Evil Geniuses player Ludwig “zai” Wahlberg.

Next is the Apex M500 Evil Geniuses keyboard, which was co-designed with the esports team. The keyboard utilizes Cherry MX Red switches, features full anti-ghosting technology, and is compatible with the SteelSeries Engine.

Finally, the QcK Evil Geniuses Edition mousepad completes the triumvirate with a nearly frictionless surface for superior tracking accuracy. The non-slip rubber base and 4mm thickness make for a surface that should be comfortable and consistent for long-term gaming sessions.

The Evil Geniuses Signature Line can be purchased directly from Steelseries. The Rival 300 mouse retails for $60, the Apex M500 keyboard for $100, and the QcK mousepad for a cool $20.

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