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NuDock Mini is the sleek charging solution Apple fanatics crave

While the usefulness of the Apple Watch is questionable to even the most devoted Apple hoarders fans, it’s aesthetically commendable, especially when paired with a lush new Rose Gold iPhone 6S. And for that reason, companies like MiTagg have taken it into their own hands to make chargers equally attractive, and able to conveniently rest alongside all of your other iDevices.

MiTagg’s latest offering, the NuDock Mini, isn’t for everyone. In fact, it’s only really helpful if you own an Apple Watch, an iPhone, and a MacBook, as there are countless other peripherals, like Enblue Technology’s Premium One or the Belkin Charge Dock, that can already charge your Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time. It’s the addition of USB Type-C MacBook charging that’s been added. Plus, custom lighting effects that set it apart from other, similar accessories.

Featuring a full color palette, the NuDock Mini’s built-in LED light is controlled using the NuDock Mini companion app, available on Apple’s App Store. With it, not only can you command the color displayed by the dock, but you can also set the brightness and the overall power of the device simply by connecting via Bluetooth.

If you have an Android phone, however, things get a little more complicated, but not excessively so. Instead of ordering a “standard” NuDock Mini model, you’ll need to instead opt for the Android-specific Wireless QI variant, though you’ll need to make sure your device supports this version of wireless charging before checking out.

On top of the potentially confusing, entirely separate hardware for Android devices, it looks like there won’t be an official Google Play app. Also unclear from the promotional images and videos we’ve seen so far is whether the full-color LED is present at all in the NuDock’s Wireless QI rendition.

Nonetheless, the regular ol’ Apple-friendly version of the NuDock Mini bears two USB ports (hey, you can charge your iPad too!), an adjustable Lightning dock (no need to remove that Otterbox case), and even USB-C support. Plus, if you’re deprived of an Apple Watch at the moment, there’s yet another option available, less the Apple Watch stand. Moreover, the stand is available separately should you decide to cave and buy an Apple Watch at some point down the line.

The NuDock Mini will be available in both Silver and Space Grey to compliment your devices, starting at $70 through an IndieGoGo campaign. Unfortunately there will be no Gold or Rose Gold version in sight.

You can catch the NuDock Mini in action in the promo video below, where it’s described as being both “minimal” and portable. If interested, it’s up on Indiegogo now.

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