Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 updated with new Microsoft firmware

Microsoft Surface 3 hero
Bill Roberson/Digital Trends
If you’re keen on keeping your Surface 3 or Surface Pro 3 right on the bleeding edge of Microsoft releases, then you’ll want to look into the new firmware updates which have been released for June. This is the first big update that the former of the two has ever been given, so its is quite a hefty one. In comparison, the regularly updated Pro 3 is getting just a few small tweaks this month.

As part of its new firmware, the Pro 3 is getting an update to its UEFI, bringing it up to date with all of the upcoming Windows 10 features. It’s also getting some updates to its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers, which, it’s hoped, will improve the stability of both wireless connectivity standards. The AHCI controller driver also had a minor update.

In comparison, the improvements to the Surface 3 are much more comprehensive. Like the Pro 3, its Buetooth and Wi-Fi have been updated, which could even aid download performance in some situations, but there was a lot more besides.

Other boosts to its abilities include it getting an updated camera driver, to improve video and image quality; an HD graphics driver update, which will give boosted graphical performance and display stability; a Surface Pen driver update, which adds new functionality to the Surface app and an updated driver for the audio device, which should improve the “audio experience,” of the hybrid tablet.

All Surface 3 and Surface Pro users should be able to use Windows Update to bring their system up to date, but Microsoft does note on the overview that since these firmware upgrades are delivered in stages, not everyone may be able to download it right away.

More details on the update, which is listed as “System Firmware Update – 6/23/2015” for both the Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3, are discussed on the Microsoft Surface site.

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