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What does the inside of a new Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book look like?

Inside the Surface Book - Breakout of Internal Components and Electronics
Avert your eyes, fair maidens, and steel yourself, men of valor: You’re about to see the gruesome innards of our newest technological bedfellows.

Yes, two brave soldiers to mobile computing, the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, have been torn asunder by those that strive for knowledge above humanity, and it falls on us to view it — if only to honor their memory.

In the first video above, the Surface Book is taken apart and shown in its separate components. The compact nature of the device has driven the necessity for well thought placement of internal hardware, with everything nearly in its place.

Of course any commercially purchased Surface Book will not have its components compartmentalized in clear plastic, but this makes it easier for those in attendance — with their wine glasses — to see everything on show without risk of damage. It also makes it easy for us to spot the heatpipe-aided cooler, as well as other important aspects of the system.

Inside the Surface Pro 4 - Breakout, Internal components, battery, cameras, and more!

The Surface Pro 4’s video is more detailed, making it easier to spot aspects of the system. We’re greeted at the get-go by a close up of the cooling set up, which again features heatpipes, though this time they are copper and lead to a copper-finned heatsink. Some of those heatpipes are designed to cool the CPU, whilst the others take heat away from the battery, which takes up much of the system’s low-profile space.

As a special treat towards the end of the video, there’s even a profile cutout of the Surface Pen, which comes with the two-in-one. It’s internal workings look surprisingly complicated compared to the plastic styluses of old.

Did you notice anything particularly noteworthy in the above breakdowns? Do they make you more or less likely to buy a Surface Book or Surface Pro 4?

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