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The best dvd duplicators for your home video library

There is a lto of choice when it comes to DVD duplicators and DVD duplication machines on the market. Simpler units contain two drives and require manual loading, while more sophisticated automated units can hold hundreds of blank discs and run for hours on their own. These DVD duplicators fall somewhere in between and suit most needs.

Duplicating DVDs only takes between 10 to 20 minutes with a DVD duplicator or DVD duplication machine, depending on the writing speed. The machines can accommodate a host of DVD types, including DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD+R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW. A CD DVD duplicator can be used to copy a CD, CD-R, or CD-RW. Let the copying commence when you pick up one of these top-rated DVD duplicators.

Rodzon USB DVD/CD Rewriter

Best for Travel

If you travel a lot and like to copy DVDs on the road, grab the Rodzon USB DVD/CD Rewriter. Considered one of the best portable machines, it is powered by any USB port and requires no external drive or electrical power. It’s designed to be compatible with USB 3.0 and backwards compatible with USB 2.0, so it can provide faster data transmission speed and more stable performance with strong fault tolerance.

Copystars DVD Duplicator Tower

Best Value

Want function, reliability, and value in a DVD duplicator? The Copystars DVD Duplicator Tower is inexpensive but still has the features you need. This very affordable, fully stand-alone DVD duplicator tower requires no software. Its DVD burner drives are all Sata type and heavy-duty DVD duplicator grade. The power supply is designed to ensure a high standard of safety and reliability.

Produplicator DVD Duplicator

Best Overall

If you copy many DVDs, consider getting a top-of-the-line DVD duplicator, such as the Produplicator DVD Duplicator. The complete standalone machine features automatic master disc recognition to quickly determine a source disc’s format. It also collects and edits tracks from multiple CD source discs to compile a custom mix CD.

Get busy copying your favorite DVDs by employing a top-notch DVD duplicator. The best ones around — such as these high-performing and dependable models — can also copy many CDs.