The Best Google Gmail Gadgets



We know first hand how addicting Twitter can be—so if you have a tweeting problem you may want to consider this gadget. The TwitterGadget allows you to update, post and do anything else you would on Twitter all within your Gmail window.

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QuickLinks to Google Services

This gadget is very handy, especially when you’re in a rush—you can have speedy access to Google Maps, Google Dashboard, or any other Google service you may need right at your fingertips.

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remember-the-milk-gadgetRemember the Milk

Need a friendly reminder of the tasks and errands you have to do for the day? The Remember the Milk Gadget helps you manage and review your daily schedule.

Gadget URL – URL Shortener

Okay, this gadget is useful and fun—the Gadget lets you convert long URLs to short ones so your email isn’t all cluttered with links.

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wiki-gadgetWiki Gadget

Need a quick answer to a tough question? The Wikipedia search Gadget is a great way to directly search articles and references on your Gmail homepage.

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