The Social Network epilogue: Where Facebook founders are now

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chris.hughesChris Hughes
Current project: Jumo
Estimated net work: Approximately $500 M 
Facebook stake: NA

The original spokesman for Facebook has also been called “the kid who made Obama president.” Hughes was the coordinator for much of the Obama campaign’s online efforts, as well as managed its social networking site.

His political ambitions don’t stop there. Last year, Hughes founded Jumo, of which he is the executive director. Jumo is a nonprofit, social networking site specifically devoted to…well, as the site says, changing the world. It’s like Facebook meets the Peace Corps: It sets up motivated people with charitable organizations to give people the opportunity and tools they need to make whatever kind of difference they want to.

The site is still in beta, but it’s been commended as an ideal tool to gives some effectiveness to the Facebook generation. It’s the perfect antidote to slacktivism, letting users actually accomplish something while being able to share in its social element a la Facebook.

adam dangeloAdam D’Angelo
Current project: Quora
Estimated net worth: Unknown
Facebook stake: NA

D’Angelo wasn’t part of the original Harvard crew but he was instrumental in Facebook’s beginnings – it was rumored that part of the reason Zuckerberg relocated to Palo Alto was to bring on D’Angelo, who was attending CalTech. He served as CTO for a time, before outgrowing Facebook and departing with Cheever to begin Quora.

His love of data has flourished here, and the site now boasts a remarkably loyal user base and some of the most fervent startup buzz out there. Check out our Quora profile for more on D’Angelo’s up and coming project.

sean parkerSean Parker
Current project: Founders Fund
Estimated net worth: $920 M – 3.5 B
Facebook stake: Approximately four percent

Alright, so he’s not an original founder of the site but he did become weaved into the early Facebook fraternity. After notoriously being ousted post-drug charges, Parker retained partial ownership of Facebook but went on to become part of VC firm Founders Fund.

In addition to his Silicon Valley investment career, Parker is also a notable proponent of legalizing marijuana. Last year, he donated $100,000 to Prop 19, which ultimately failed.

[*Note: All estimated net worth projections are based on Facebook’s latest round of fundraising, which obviously only affected those who own part of the company.]

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