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Thermaltake’s View 28 is a gull-wing case with beautiful lighting

thermaltake introduces view 28 mid range case header
If you’re building your own PC, then one of the most basic decisions you will make is what case to pack everything into. While it may not be as exciting a choice as what motherboard, processor, and CPU to use, it is nevertheless sometimes the difference between a PC that works efficiently and one that struggles to perform.

Then there are other considerations when selecting a case, like how it looks and how easy it is to get into. Thermaltake has taken all of those things into consideration in the design of its new View 28 mid-tower case.

The first thing you notice with the View 28 is the gull-wing side and top panel, which lifts out of the case and provides easy access to components through both the side and the top. It’s also largely see-through, with a large window that curves around the top to provide some nice viewing angles. The case is also completely tool-free for easy installation and configuration.

The aesthetic is enhanced by the including of the RGB Matrix LED lighting array on the front of the case that offers spectrum cycling, single color, and two breathing modes. The lighting system supports Thermaltake Riing Plus 12 RGB fans as well, with the ability to sync and control lighting through the same LED controller button on the front of the case.

More generally, the View 28 supports ATX motherboards and up to four dual-slot graphics cards that are horizontally mounted, along with two graphics cards mounted vertically with optional PCIe riser cables. The motherboard tray supports up four 2.5-inch drives and a separate tray can be used for two more 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch drives.

The case can support an array of cooling options, including 360mm fans and radiators on the front of the case and 120mm fans and radiators around back. Clean cable management is enhanced via the integrated power supply shroud. Maximum tower CPU cooler support runs at 155mm.

Thermaltake hasn’t yet provided pricing or availability on the new View 28 in the U.S., but it’s available in Germany for 83 Euros and in the UK for 90 pounds. The company will also be offering a second version, the View 28 Ring Edition that includes one Riing RGB fan mounted in the rear of the chassis.

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