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This PC case probably costs more than your entire computer

With the enthusiast PC segment growing at an exponential rate, the innovation in PC cases that house all these components required by users for their build has aggressively progressed as well in recent years.

The latest case that perfectly illustrates this trend is the Regner PC chassis — a product that sports two whole cooling radiators within the side panels, and it’s not cheap.

The Regner PC case that comes with two cooling radiators.
Image source: Regner/Tom’s Hardware

As reported by Tom’s Hardware, German overclocker Der8auer published a review of a brand-new case that comes with a pair of water-cooled radiators.

Considering the fact that these radiators have been outfitted within the entirety of the side panels, flagship current-gen and next-gen GPUs should have no problem functioning at even hugely overclocked rates.

The Regner PC chassis also features three 140m Silent Wings 3 fans as an additional cooling solution, which circulates the air throughout the case itself.

Tom’s Hardware highlights how the radiators don’t deliver an active cooling solution that is offered by a conventional radiator. Instead, it’s been designed in a way to provide airflow supported exclusively by the chassis fans. This element is normally seen within the server industry, so the case is certainly a cut above the rest, at least when it comes to a cooling solution for your PC.

As for the inner workings of the chassis’ interior, a dual-chamber structure supplies tubing routes for both side panel radiators. One of these chambers features the motherboard, CPU, RAM, and M.2 storage.

Meanwhile, the GPU and extra 2.5″ storage bays are located within the remaining chamber. The GPU is connected to the motherboard via a PCIe riser cable.

As such, one side panel will provide a cooling solution to the CPU or the motherboard, while the adjacent side panel cools the GPU itself.

In terms of overall cooling equipment required by such a case, the manufacturer includes the tubing, as well as an EKWB EK-Loop DDC 4.2 PWM pump. However, Tom’s Hardware notes that you’ll have to pay a bit extra for Blocks and a reservoir to complete the entire cooling setup.

Finally, the aesthetic appeal of the case is enhanced by its simplistic look, with the front part of the chassis forgoing all the bells and whistles — the power button, USB Type-A, Type C, and audio ports — in favor of placing them on top of the case.

Any case with such an extensive cooling system will command a premium price tag, which is certainly true for the Regner chassis. Available for nearly $2,000 (1,899 euros), this product has automatically become one of the most expensive PC cases in history.

Anyone who buys this will undoubtedly outfit their system with the best of the best when it comes to components, such as a $2,000 RTX 3090 Ti, so you’re already looking at a $4,000 fee before taking other parts, such as the CPU, into account.

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