Top 10 free Chrome Web Store apps

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Amazon Windowshop

WindowshopThis Web Store App originally premiered at the Chrome December 7 event, and it caught our eye back then. Now that we’ve have more of a chance to play with it, the app easily makes our top ten free list. There’s just something about being able to tangibly pull and prod your way through the retail site that really sells it, and the tabs at the top of the page add some distinction to the products you’re looking at. Amazon also strictly features its bestsellers here, something that’s incredibly helpful for paring down the infinite abyss its site can sometimes feel like.


TweetdeckTweetDeck has already claimed top spot in the Chrome Web Store, and for good reason.  It’s already a popular app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android devices, and now that list is a little longer. As per usual, TweetDeck combines your social networking accounts into columns and groups so display your ever-updating online life. It also lets you update your multiple profiles in one easy message. Nothing terribly new or exciting here, just a great way to multitask.


GiltThe Gilt app has made a name for itself when it comes to mobile shopping, and its Web Store version is no slouch either. It shows you daily sales by a category you prefer, and then slides out what that designer has available. It also keeps your searches open, so that if you originally began looking at women’s jewelry but also need to look through home décor, a panel is simply added to your browsers, eliminating the endlessness of clicking back to find an item.

Good Noows

GoodNoowsThere are plenty of news apps in the Chrome Web Store, but Good Noows has a Facebook-like UI that simply generates the news you want from the sources you like. It slaps articles up based on your customizations, and then lets you edit font, text size, and layout. Of course, you can share anything you want as well or flag it to read later. There’s nothing flashy about it, but that seems to make it even quicker to get the headlines you want from the sources you prefer.

That Music App

ThatMusicAppThis app simply lets you browse its community’s playlists or create your own. It generates music content by letting you pull from YouTube videos in an iTunes-like interface. It’s more visually appealing than Grooveshark’s app, which may have a larger database to pull from, but isn’t quite as fun to play around with as this feature.

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