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Digital Trends’ Top 5 Viral Videos of the Week, September 17, 2010

We return with a new selection of viral videos for the week of September 17. Again, these videos may not have been released this week, but we saw them this week, which is pretty much like they were just released, right? While all of these clips are more or less safe for work, a few do contain some language that your boss might not like, so be warned and wear headphones. Or don’t watch video clips at work. Whatever.

Brooklyn storm is f**king crazy!

Dude! Did you totally see that f**king rain! It totally f**king was wet, dude! Yesterday the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. People then proceeded to lose their sh*t.

Goalie saves a penalty kick, then forgets where he is and what he is doing

If athletes typically praise a higher power for help in winning the game, who do you blame when your own stupidity might have just cost you the game? If this Moroccan goalie is in a contract year, he may have to take out a second mortgage to make up the lost cash. Assuming he isn’t traded to the Fiji League.

Gymkhana: Performance driving for reals

Like Nascar’s older, meaner brother that gets all the girls and is invited to all the “cool” parties, Gymkhana is a driving sport that makes video game driving games look totally unrealistic. And he did it in a Ford Fiesta. A. Ford. Fiesta.

Justin Bieber is dumb

This is from back in May, but classics never die. In an interview with a New Zealand program, Bieber claims that he did not know what the word “German” meant. Score one for public school over home schooling. This faux pas came mere days after Bieber toured in Germany, by the way. The pop star later tweeted that he thought the Kiwi host said “Jewman.” If you are a true “Belieber” and don’t want to think badly about that adorable little scamp, then feel free to stop watching before Bieber is shown the word on the card and still claims to not understand.

After posting the Beiber clip, it only seemed fair to include the German response.

SnoopDizzle and LL Cool J take Halo competition to the next level

This week in gaming, a small, indie game from an unknown publisher was released this week. It was called Halo something or other. In the video below, Snoop and LL Cool J go head to head in Halo: Reach’s online matchup. Hilarity ensues.

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