Top 5 YouTube Videos of 2010 (So Far)

top 5 youtube videos of 2010 video web

They’re the ultimate distraction to get through a boring day at the office, while in line at the supermarket or a way to keep the kids entertained on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Watching and sharing viral videos, on sites such as YouTube, can slap a much-needed smile on your face, inform you of the latest tech leaks and teach you new songs and dances.

Whether they’re user-generated hits or marketing attempts from Big Business, the following are the five most talked-about (and Bieber-free) viral videos of 2010, so far — and not listed in any particular order.

top 5 youtube videos of 2010 double rainbowYosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow

One man’s over-the-top reaction to a “double rainbow” in the sky. Tweeted by Jimmy Kimmel, this euphoric moment became an instant classic and has since spawned many songs and remixes (and yes, even t-shirts). Is this the closing thing to a bliss caught on video? Can we have some of what he’s on?

top 5 youtube videos of 2010 greyson chance paparazziGreyson Chance Singing Paparazzi

Garnering more than 30 million views, this extraordinary remake of Lady Gaga’s hit song landed this sixth grader a spot on the Ellen show, a call from the Fame Monster herself and a recording contract, to boot. And hey, he also put Edmond, Oklahoma on the map.

top 5 youtube videos of 2010 gizmodo iphoneiPhone 4 Revealed by Gizmodo

Proof that alcohol and corporate secrets aren’t a good mix, an Apple engineer accidentally left the smartphone prototype in a Redwood City, Calif. beer garden. The tech blog allegedly paid $5000 for the iPhone 4 – but presumably a lot more in legal fees.

top 5 youtube videos of 2010 old spiceOld Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Talk about a brand refresh — from something your grandfather wore to shirtless hunk promising you diamonds “and tickets to the thing you like.” These TV commercials turned viral videos became all the talk in 2010, and proves social media is the most powerful one. The “Old Spice” guy also answered tweeted questions from fans – of course, while in his towel. (Runner-up TV commercial sensation: Nike Football: Write the Future.

top 5 youtube videos of 2010 mcnuggetsMcNuggets Freak Out

Security footage taken at a McDonald’s drive-thru, where an irate Toledo woman beats up two employees because she was told it was too early to serve McNuggets. Wow, this certainly wasn’t a Happy Meal at all. As if punching people in the face wasn’t enough, she gets something from her car to smash the window.