Toshiba Announces Three New Satellites

Toshiba’s new notebooks offer a range of features that allow users to be mobile, productive and entertained in sizes and styles to meet every taste and budget.

All three of Toshiba’s new Satellite notebooks come fully loaded with Microsoft Office OneNote enabling mobile professionals to easily capture, organize, share and manage data for maximum productivity.

Designed for first-time or budget-conscious user, the Satellite A10-S100 features the Intel Celeron processor, large hard drive and enough memory to handle most computing needs. The Satellite A10 also includes multimedia capabilities such as a built-in DVD drive and CD burner for backing up important data, playing CDs or viewing movies.

The Toshiba Satellite A40-S161 steps up as an easy replacement to a desktop PC offering the right mix of features and performance. The Satellite A40’s Mobile Intel Pentium® 4 processor, generous memory and large hard drive enables it to handle the most challenging tasks, including developing multimedia presentations and data reports particularly in environments where users have multiple applications open at once. The unit also includes SRS TruSurround XT technology to provide an enhanced listening experience during CD or DVD playback.

For the notebook user focused on high-style combined with uncompromising functionality, Toshiba’s eye-catching Satellite M30-S350 features an expanded hard drive, increased graphics performance and a bright 15.4″ diagonal display. At a mere 1″ thick and weighing slightly over 6 lbs, this notebook offers all the benefits of a wide-screen display like viewing movies, working on multiple applications side-by-side or editing spreadsheets in a package smaller than notebooks with standard size screens. The Satellite M30-S350 also features Intel’s Centrino