Toshiba Fixes Notebook Flaws

“The program covers 27 models notebook computers. Toshiba has sold about 650,000 computers that contain the type of memory module in question, but only those from a certain supplier or suppliers are thought to be faulty and will be swapped, says Midori Suzuki, a spokesperson for Toshiba in Tokyo. The total number of machines that contain the faulty module is unknown, she says.”

Apparently the bad memory will cause the notebook to crash when the system comes out of sleep mode, giving the user the famous Blue-Screen-Of-Death.

The following notebook computers are affected by the bad memory: Tecra models S1, 9100, M1, and M2; Satellite models 2400, 2405, 1110, 1115, Pro M10, Pro M15, M30, Pro M30, and M35; Portege models R100 and M200/M205; Dynabook models T5, E6, V7; and Satellite M10, SS S7, SS 2100, E7, V8, V9, VX1, and SS M200.

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