Toshiba revamps All-in-One PCs: Windows 8 ready, with fast capacitive touch like your phone

Toshiba All-In-One

Like tablets, smartphones, and now Ultrabooks, All-in-One desktops are another market that has popped up in recent years. While a desktop PC can hardly be considered exciting news these days, All-in-One’s have managed to stay fresh, especially for office environments. The other day, I was able to check out Toshiba’s upcoming 21.5-inch LX815 and 23-inch LX835 and it was fairly impressive, and thin.

Toshiba All-in-One PC

The benchmark for a PC like this is, of course, the iMac computers. Though no one can make devices look as premium as Apple (unless they cost as much), Toshiba has packed in some features that may make it worth a look. The unit we saw was already running the Consumer Preview version of Windows 8 and worked quite well thanks to the inclusion of capacitive touch. Capacitive touch uses the electricity in your fingertips to move things around the screen, instead of having to actually apply pressure to the screen to manipulate it. The full 1080p HD screen was nice as well. 

Inside, you can customize the PC with any of Intel’s 3rd generation Core processors, up to 16GB of RAM, up to 3 terabytes of hard drive space, an optional Blu-ray drive, and/or a TV tuner. Two USB 3.0 ports (fast), four USB 2.0 ports, Onkyo speakers, and an HDMI port are also included. The PC can also charge gadgets while it is in sleep mode or powered off. 

Overall, we didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with the LX815 or LX 835, but we like what we saw. It’s hard to say how well Windows 8 will do on the market, but hey, you can always buy this model with Windows 7. 

The Toshiba LX815 starts at $600 and the LX835 starts at $880 and will arrive at Best Buy stores and other locations in “the beginning of Q3 2012,” which means sometime this summer.