Toshiba’s rumored Protege Z10t Ultrabook with detachable screen shows up at IDF 2013


After making the Ultrabook Detachable and Ultrabook Convertible sub-brands official at the Intel Developer Forum trade show in Beijing, Intel SVP Kirk Skaugen was eager to show off just what an Ultrabook Detachable looks like. Engadget got the rundown on an unnamed Toshiba device, which just so happens to look a lot like the Protege Z10t that recently went through the FCC testing.

As you can see in the above photo, this Toshiba device has an unusually large hinge sleeve that keeps the tablet attached to its keyboard dock. Its 10-inch display becomes a tablet when detached, and is packed with a number of handy slots and connectors along the right-hand side, including a USB 3.0 port, a micro-HDMI out, as well as a full-size SD card slot. Somehow, there is still room on the same side for the power button, volume rocker, headphone jack, and power socket.

Although we don’t have exact measurements of this Ultrabook Detachable from Toshiba, Engadget found the keyboard dock to be quite svelte. From what we can tell from the photos, we’d have to agree at first glance. Not only does the keyboard offer backlit lighting so you can keep typing in the dark, it also includes both a trackpad and a pointing stick to give you options when navigating Windows 8.

Both Intel and Toshiba are keeping mum about this device: both companies would only divulge that it will use an Ivy Bridge Intel processor and will be available some time in Q2 of this year. In fact, Toshiba said it doesn’t even have a name for this Ultrabook/tablet hybrid yet. We’ll definitely be keeping our eye out on this and other Ultrabook Detachables and Convertibles that will be hitting the market soon, so check back for more updates. 

[Image via Engadget]