Toshiba unveils new glasses-free 3D TVs, targets 20 million TV sales

toshiba 3d tvIn October, Toshiba unveiled its first glasses-free 3D TVs. Though they have yet to hit the North American market, the company is already raising its sales expectations for televisions to 20 million for the fiscal year beginning in April–a one-third increase over its 2010 goals.

At a CES pre-event yesterday, Toshiba unveiled several large 3D prototypes, which range from 40-65 inches. The large glasses-free 3D TVs will hit the U.S. market in the months to come. Currently, the TVs are only available in Japan and in small 12 and 20-inch screen sizes. The electronics manufacturer hopes bringing the larger 3D TVs to the United States will help it finally seize 10 percent of the American TV market, a goal it remains about 2-3 percent shy of reaching. No pricing has been announced, but the TVs will be on display at CES in Las Vegas this week.

TV isn’t the only thing Toshiba hopes to bring into the third dimension. The company is launching a glasses-free 3D laptop line as well. In a demo, representatives showed 3D movies in full screen and windowed modes.

Finally, if you didn’t catch the news, Toshiba is entering the great tablet race of 2011. It showed off its own iPad competitor, a touch tablet with a similarly sized 9.7-inch screen, Android operating system, and Nvidia Tegra 2 video card. Our own Greg Mombert caught a glimpse of the device. His first pics are here.