Tsunami ICE HTPC

Designtechnica visited the Tsunami booth at CES 2004 and we were quite impressed by the slick blue metal and plexi deisgn of their products.

One product that caught our attention was the ICE, a small form factor home theater PC (HTPC) that features hardware decoding. The design of the ICE allows you to use some features without having to boot the PC, making it more like a home theater component.

The Tsunami ICE at CES 2004. Note the FM tuner (behind the smoked plexi) and the 7-in-1 card reader.

Without powering on the PC, you can view DVDs, MPEGs and JPEGs as well as listen to FM radio with the built-in FM tuner.

The Tsunami ICE includes a 51-key remote control, Dolby Digital audio (AC3 and DTS 5.1) and has a built in 7-in-1 card reader. It is based on the VIA Epia 10000 motherboard.

Look for a full review of the Tsunami ICE from Designtechnica soon.