Tumblr down for almost a full day, and counting


Hardcore fans of Tumblr may be seen in the sun today, as the blogging network is still offline after routine maintenance turned into a hellstorm that brought down the entire site about 17 hours ago. TechCrunch reports that the site has a “major issue in one of its database clusters” and will be back up once the database is repaired manually. Exactly what that entails or how long the site will be down, is anybody’s guess.

“Some scheduled maintenance yesterday that wasn’t intended to interrupt service went haywire and wound up taking down a critical database cluster,” said David Karp, founder of the site, about two hours ago. “Rebuilding the entire cluster has been a painfully slow and manual process, but we’re almost through. We’ll be posting a recap when we’re back up.”

Though the service is free and outages happen, fans are complaining, en mass, on sites like Twitter. A search for “Tumblr” brings up thousands of tweets saying things like “@NikiWithIssues: Oh hi Twitter! I’m the cheating ex girlfriend who came back just to cheat on you again as soon as Tumblr gets its shit together.” Other users are already parodying the “We’ll be back shortly.” message.

Not everything is bad in Tumblr-dom. Reportedly, the site is successfully raising millions so it can staff its new New York offices.

UPDATE 7:36 p.m. EST: Tumblr appears to be back up and running. The company tweeted the following message: “The recovering database cluster is online and healthy. We’re incrementally opening up access to blogs while monitoring performance.” Anybody still having issues?