Turn that 9800PRO Into A 9800XT Video Card

Quote from the article:

“The 256MB ATI Radeon 9800 Pro is probably the least popular ATI graphics card. It is a lot more expensive than the 128MB variant and the extra 128MB of memory proved rather useless. But while you may think that it is a sheer waste of money, it may actually turn out to be a real steal! Why?

Because you can actually turn the 256MB Radeon 9800 Pro into a 256MB Radeon 9800XT! Today, Chai will show you just how to do that in his Radeon 9800 Pro To Radeon 9800XT Mod Guide!

Here are the updates :-

– Added a page on the identification of moddable Radeon 9800 Pro cards.
– Added a page with specific details on the moddable 256MB Radeon 9800 Pro cards.
– Added an update on the renaming of BIOS images to allow proper flashing.
– Added an update on the identification of the R360 core in 128MB Radeon 9800 Pro cards by the presence of black plastic push-pins.”

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