Ultra-thin bezel and ‘smart frame’ rumored for Surface Pro 4

ultra thin bezel and smart frame rumored for surface pro 4 microsoft 3 feature
Ivan McClellan/Digital Trends

It’s no secret that the Surface line has been something of an unexpected success for Microsoft, but the next iteration of the device remains under wraps. However, popular opinion is inclined to the belief that we’ll see something official sooner rather than later — and, as a result, the rumor mill is working at maximum capacity.

Reports are circulating that Microsoft will take inspiration from Dell’s XPS 13 with an ultra-thin bezel on the Surface Pro 4. This bezel is apparently so thin that it’s only visible from the bottom of the device, according to a report from WinBeta.

This design choice would likely mean that the Windows button — previously placed on the front of the device a la the iPad’s home button — would have to be relegated to one of the edges of the device. However, this isn’t the only big change that’s reportedly set to differentiate the Surface Pro 4 from its predecessors.

There’s also word that the device will offer a ‘smart frame’ that allows the screen size to change dynamically depending on whether the user is in tablet or desktop mode. While it’s not specified by the original report, practicality dictates that this would likely be a software feature rather than a hardware component.

Hybrid functionality is central to the Surface line, even more so given the efforts made by Microsoft to ensure that Windows 10 caters to this type of usage. There’s certainly enough logic to the so-called ‘smart frame’ to lend some credibility to the idea, but given the lack of any detail it’s definitely a rumour to be taken with a grain of salt.

Regardless, it seems clear that we’re on the verge of hearing more about the Surface Pro 4. Last month, it was reported that the device might be unveiled at the upcoming Microsoft event on October 6, so we may well know next week whether these rumours are legitimate or bogus.