How to use Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition to watch NFL Sunday Ticket on your TV for free

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So you got a copy of Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition, which comes with NFL Sunday Ticket, a service provided exclusively by DirecTV. You grabbed the Anniversary Edition hoping to get your hands on some NFL goodness and put some pigskin action on your big screen at home throughout the fall. But you ran into a snag; you didn’t realize that if you can’t get NFL Sunday Ticket where you live, you can only watch the service on a PC, tablet or smartphone. The free year of NFL Sunday Ticket lies unused, looking for love and companionship as you curse yourself for not reading the fine print.

Luckily, there’s a workaround you can employ to use the offer that comes with Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition and get NFL Sunday Ticket on your TV after all. It’s pretty easy to pull off too. All you’ll need is a PC with an HDMI port, your copy of Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition, an HDMI cable and a TV with a vacant HDMI port.

On your PC, take advantage of the free NFL Sunday Ticket offer. Once you have NFL Sunday Ticket up and running, plug one end of an HDMI cable into your PC and plug the other end into an HDMI port on your TV. From there, manually switch your TV’s default input from whatever it’s set to now, and switch to the corresponding HDMI connection. In TV setup menus, active connections are commonly lit up in the menus, while unused connections are greyed out.

By switching to your new HDMI video option, you should be able to view anything that’s on your laptop or desktop PC on your TV.  Anything. That includes NFL Sunday Ticket through Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition, which also gives you access to the RedZone Channel.

NFL teams will be starting their late season playoff pushes soon. There’s roughly two months left in the 2013 NFL campaign, so use this workaround to enjoy the action.

One more thing: in case you haven’t gotten around to buying Madden NFL 25 yet, the Xbox 360 version of Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition is back in stock at Amazon. However, the PS3 version remains sold out.

Image credit: DirecTV