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Free Verizon data service getting cut off from LTE Chromebook Pixel owners (Updated)

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Update 6/25/14 10:54 a.m. ET: A new report indicates that Verizon will reconnect the LTE data plans for Chromebook Pixel owners.

Update 6/24/14 4:02 p.m. ET: Google will reportedly compensate people who have had their free data plans on their LTE Chromebook Pixel cut off with a $150 Visa gift card.

The LTE version of the Google Chromebook Pixel was launched in April 2013, and at the time, people who bought the Chrome-OS powered high-end laptop were promised either two or three years of 100MB LTE data per month. However, according to a report, it appears that the commitment is being broken, as Pixel owners are reporting that their free data is being completely cut off.

Though Verizon and Google are reportedly refusing to acknowledge that these agreements existed in the first place, archived and old versions of company pages indicate that they did, and are therefore being violated now. For instance, this official Google Chromebook Pixel page states that people who buy the LTE version of the laptop will get 100MB of LTE data per month for three years. Meanwhile, this archived Google Play page indicates that there was a two year agreement in place for people who bought the LTE version of the Chromebook Pixel. However, regardless of what LTE Chromebook Pixel owners thought they were getting when they bought the notebook, the data plans are being cancelled after only one year.

As of now, another report indicates that a Boston-based law firm by the name of Block & Leviton is currently looking into the matter, and is looking for Chromebook Pixel customers who have been gypped out of their free data plan to reach out to them. It’s safe to say that this is an ongoing issue, and we wonder whether Google and/or Verizon will any action.

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