Verizon to upgrade FiOS upload speeds for free

Telecom giant Verizon has announced that it will offer FiOS customers an equal amount of upload speed to match their download speeds for free. The company made the announcement via this official blog post.

The upgrade will apply to multiple tiers of Verizon’s FiOS service. Here’s how the upgrades will break down. If you subscribe to the tier that gives you 500MBps of download speed and 100MBps of upload speed, your upload speed will be bumped up to 500MBps to match your download speed. The same goes for the tiers that give you 300MBps, 150MBps, 75MBps, and 50MBps of download speeds. Prior to the upgrade, people who had accounts with those download speeds were getting upload speeds of 65MBps, 65MBps, 35MBps, and 25MBps, respectively. With this free upgrade, those upload speeds will be even with their respective download speeds. Regardless of which of these Verizon FiOS plans you subscribe to, the company claims that you’ll see a significant boost to your upload speeds.

Here’s a breakdown in chart form.

Verizon FiOS Download Speed New Verizon FiOS Upload Speed Old Verizon FiOS Upload Speed
500MBps 500MBps 100MBps
300MBps 300MBps 65MBps
150MBps 150MBps 65MBps
75MBps 75MBps 35MBps
50MBps 50MBps 25MBps
15MBps 15MBps 5MBps

Perhaps best of all, you don’t have to do anything to receive the upgrades. Verizon will be rolling them out to customers over time. These upgrades are available to both new and existing accounts, though it’s worth noting that customers who are enrolled in the My Rewards+ program will be taken care of first. If you want to take advantage, you can sign up for My Rewards+ here.

Verizon says that it will be implementing these upgrades throughout the fall, though it’s unclear whether they’ll all be completed before winter arrives.

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