VIA Launches Low Profile Epia Mainboard

From VIA’s press release:

VIA Technologies, Inc today announced the new VIA EPIA MS Mini-ITX mainboard, which has been designed without the standard I/O back plate to enable ultra low profile designs for ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing digital entertainment devices.

Providing greater design flexibility for integration into flat panel or ultra compact personal electronics devices, the new VIA EPIA MS allows developers to do more with the limited space available without forfeiting functionality or connectivity. The traditional PC I/O bracket has been replaced by easily accessible onboard headers for the 6-channel audio, TV-out and USB 2.0 connectivity, with a low profile SODIMM memory slot on the underside to further enhance its ultra slim design

The first Mini-ITX mainboard to feature the fanless 1GHz VIA Eden ESP as a processor option, the VIA EPIA MS boasts increased digital media performance with very low power consumption and quiet operation that is essential in the living room and especially within low profile devices such as flat panel TVs. The VIA EPIA MS is also available with a 1.2GHz VIA C3 or an 800MHz VIA Eden ESP processor, all offering unparalleled security features through the on-die VIA PadLock Hardware Security Suite.

“The VIA EPIA MS is poised to meet the needs of the fast-evolving market for personal electronics,” said Steven S. Lee, Head of the VIA Embedded Platform Division, VIA Technologies, Inc. “Its intuitive design targets devices where aesthetics and ease of use can be achieved without compromising on full digital media functionality.”

With support for up to six USB 2.0 ports, the VIA VT1622A TV-encoder and VIA Vinyl Six-TRAC 6-channel surround sound, the VIA EPIA MS provides all the rich digital media capabilities required for today’s personal electronics devices. Adding to its consumer market appeal, the VIA EPIA MS also incorporates easily accessible CompactFlash and High-Speed LAN ports for modern storage and connectivity options.

About The VIA PadLock Hardware Security Suite
The VIA PadLock Hardware Security Suite is integrated into VIA C5P Nehemiah core processors and features the VIA PadLock Random Number Generator (RNG) for high quality key generation and the VIA PadLock Advanced Encryption Engine (ACE) for high-speed performance of the US government approved Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

The VIA PadLock ACE is a powerful cryptography engine that can encrypt or decrypt data at a sustained rate of 12.8Gb/s. In addition to a single application being able to use the VIA PadLock ACE, any number of tasks can use it concurrently without requiring supplemental task management by the application or the operating system. The VIA PadLock ACE has hardware support for all three AES key sizes (128-bits, 196-bits, and 256-bits) with the same levels of performance. More information on the VIA PadLock ACE is available from the VIA PadLock Hardware Security Suite website.

Download the VIA PadLock ACE preliminary evaluation report from leading data security firm, Cryptography Research, Inc. or visit Dr. Brian Gladman’s VIA PadLock ACE website for independent review of the VIA PadLock ACE. For programmers, the VIA Nehemiah Advanced Cryptography Engine Programmers Guide is freely available for download.

About the VIA EPIA MS-Series Mini-ITX Mainboard
The VIA EPIA MS-Series Mini-ITX mainboard provides the ultimate personal electronics platform with advanced connectivity as well as digital video and audio features in an ultra low profile, compact and quiet package. The VIA EPIA MS achieves its ergonomic profile by employing onboard pin headers rather than traditional PC I/O ports for connectivity and expandability options. Contributing to its unique design, the VIA EPIA MS incorporates a horizontal CompactFlash slot for convenient download or transfer of digital content, such as family photos. Measuring a mere 17cm by 17cm, the native x86 based VIA EPIA MS is compatible with all recent Microsoft Windows and a variety of Linux operating systems.

In addition to the power efficient VIA C3 or fanless VIA Eden ESP processor up to 1GHz, the board features the VIA CLE266 chipset with integrated S3 Graphics Unichrome 2D/3D graphics that includes embedded MPEG-2 decoding acceleration to ensure smooth DVD playback for a rich overall entertainment experience. With the sizable memory bandwidth of DDR266 SDRAM and fast data transfer speeds of ATA/133, the VIA EPIA MS ensures the high performance levels required by today’s most popular digital media and productivity applications. The user’s digital media experience is further enhanced by support for 6-channel surround sound, courtesy of the onboard VIA Vinyl Six-TRAC Audio.

The latest in high-bandwidth connectivity is supported with up to six USB 2.0 connections, as well as S-Video and RCA TV-Out (NTSC & PAL) and 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet for seamless broadband connectivity. The VIA EPIA MS also offers support for a growing number of LVDS embedded LCD panels, has a PCI slot for expandability options, and is compatible with a full range of Mini-ITX chassis as well as FlexATX and MicroATX enclosures.

VIA EPIA MS-Series Pricing and Availability
The VIA EPIA MS-Series Mini-ITX mainboard is available now through VEPD global distribution partners. Please contact your local VIA sales office or send an email to for further details. More information on the VIA EPIA MS-Series can be found at: