Victorinox debuts $3,000 Swiss Army Knife with 1TB flash drive

Victorinox 1TB Flash Drive Swiss Army Knife

At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, Victorinox unveiled a Swiss Army Knife that houses a USB 3.0 SSD drive with up to 1TB of storage capacity. Unfortunately, it’s more of a gimmick than anything; the list price for this portable storage contraption is a cool $3,000. Why anyone would spend that when you can buy a 1TB portable hard drive for only about $150, we have no idea. But hey – 1TB USB stick! In a knife! Victorinox will also offer the device in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB capacities, though the company has not yet revealed the price of these models.

The flash drive, which is capable of 22MB/s read and 15MB/s write, is removable from the knife body, making it easy to plug into your computer. It also features a 96×49 Bi-stable monochrome display, which will show you what’s on your device, and how much room you have left.

Customers can choose between models that only include the SSD stick, or one with some of the usual Swiss Army fixin’s, like a blade, scissors, nail file/nail cleaner and a key ring.

In addition to the 1TB model, Victorinox also announced the new Slim 3.0 flash drive, which has read/write speeds up to 10 times faster than the 2.0 version, and can hold up to 128GB of data.

All models will be available in April of this year. And if one of you actually dops three grand on a USB drive, please, let us know if it was worth it.

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