Viking Upgrades DDR2 Lineup

Available immediately, Viking InterWorks offers 256MB, 512MB and 1GB Unbuffered DDR2 DIMMs with Non-ECC and ECC configurations at two speed grades, PC2-3200s and PC2-4200s. These DDR2 memory modulessupport the latest motherboards based on the new Intel Express Chipsets 915G and 925X (previously code-named Grantsdale and Alderwood).

“Our DDR2 product line now includes production ready Registered DIMMs for servers, Unbuffered DIMMs with ECC for workstations and Unbuffered DIMMs for desktops,” stated Mark Ellsberry, vice presidentof marketing for Viking InterWorks. “Intel is working hard to solve the current memory performance bottleneck by aggressively introducing DDR2 technology into the market, and we fully expect to see avery significant ramp to DDR2 demand this year. In response to this potential ramp, Viking InterWorks has carefully constructed its supply chain for DDR2 DRAM and the other critical componentsrequired to make DDR2 modules to ensure we can satisfy aggressive market requirements. This move reflects our commitment to module innovation and developing leading-edge memory module technology,”added Ellsberry.

DDR2 technology was developed to improve the performance of desktops, notebooks, servers and telecommunications equipment. All of Viking InterWorks DDR2 modules follow the standard developed by JEDEC(the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council), the memory industry’s standards organization. Densities of 256MB to 1GB for Unbuffered modules with ECC and 256MB to 1GB Unbuffered Non-ECC modules,as well as 256MB to 2GB densities of Registered DIMM modules at speeds of PC2-3200 and PC2-4200, are currently available in mass production quantities.