Virus Fools People Into Uninstalling Their Antivirus Software

In a press releases issued today, Symantec warns that the AnVi Antivirus will give users a pop up telling them that there is a problem with their current antivirus software, then it willvirus fools people into uninstalling their antivirus software encourage them to remove it immediately. The virus will display this cheeky little message:

“Uncertified [program name] antivirus software detected on your computer. You need to remove {antivirus name} software for correct operation of the Antivirus.

Attention: If you don`t remove [program name] software, the performance of your computer will dramatically degrade.

Press “OK” to remove the [program name]”

Whether or not the user hits the ok button or not, the virus will begin the uninstall process for the antivirus software on the computer.

Once the legitimate antivirus software has been removed, the program connects to a website and begins to download its own anti-antivirus program, which will then gleefully wreak havoc on your system. The fake antivirus software then attempts to convince you that your system is seconds away from exploding due to the terrible, and incredible amount of malware on your system, all of which are, of course, fabricated. It then, inevitably, asks for money to help you rid your computer of these potentially disastrous infections.

The AnVi Antivirus can be picked up either through a download, or as a Trojan. Once it is active, it can hijack a web browser, further infect your computer and disable various security protocols. The one thing it will not do, is help your computer.

Symantec has issued ways to get rid of the virus on their official help forums. The virus targets several antivirus programs including Microsoft, AVG, Spyware Doctor, Zone Labs and Norton.