VoodooPC Announces Nvidia Quad SLI Entry

Specialized computer manufacturer VoodooPC today announced their entry into the recently unveiled Nvidia Quad SLI world of high performance computers. The new Voodoo Omen Quad SLI Personal Computer is priced at around $7,000 and available now.

The Voodoo Omen Quad SLI Personal Computer, said VoodooPC, features four Nvidia GeForce 7900 Series GPUs, a dual-core AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 processor and the computer maker’s liquid cooling system with silent radial fans. This combination of cutting-edge technologies produces a computer which VoodooPC claims is one of the fastest gaming focused rigs out there.

Additional features of the customizable Omen include a brushed, anodized machined aluminum finish, mirrored interior, rubber shoes to prevent vibration and up to four terabytes of storage.