VYou offers video Q&A: Awesome or unnecessary?

VYouVYou beta hit the Web today, and with a handful of trendy, relatively famous people and comical, sarcastic queries, this mix of  YouTube and Formspring site could be a hit. VYou (which stands for Virtual You) is a video host that lets you interact publicly or privately. On its site, VYou claims to work as an interactive virtual database of your knowledge that you can collect and share. But what will probably be its real draw is celebrities. Already, when you log on to the beta site, you see six web cam sessions you’re invited to, with some moderately well-known individuals (for example, the lead singer of Chester French, and writer Chuck Klosterman).

Despite being a simple Q&A platform, VYou is clearly cashing in on using the notoriety of its initial interviewees. And rightly so –  Twitter is a staple for star watchers, and VYou doesn’t limit them to 140 words. What’s more, people on VYou are there to respond directly to your questions — you type in what you want to know, and a short video response is posted shortly thereafter.

The jury is still out on how well VYou will be received. Sure, it could be a perfect outlet for important people with interesting things to say. It would be especially great for anyone who relies on body language, facial expressions, sarcasm, etc –- and way more fun to watch. Still, is there a need for another way to connect online?

Founders Steve Spurgat and Chuck Reina seem to be keeping things simple, vague even, for the time being. As intriguing as the idea is, it all seems very abstract. Not to mention that VYou provides very little information about the project; the “About” page is literally blank. Maybe that’s on purpose – start ambiguously and see how the site evolves. But with Twitter recently reaching one billion users and Formspring one billion questions answered, there’s definitely a market for this type of thing, and we could easily see it explode.