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Here’s how to watch the Nvidia CES 2019 press conference

Watch live video from NVIDIA on

Nvidia’s CES 2019 press conference will close out the first media day of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Nvidia, a company mainly known for its contributions to computer graphics and gaming, will be hosting its own press conference on Sunday, January 6 at 8 p.m. Pacific. After the first two media days, the show itself begins on January 8.

The press conference is expected to be an unveiling of Nvidia’s latest innovations, but what those innovations are is anyone’s guess. You can watch the press conference on Nvidia’s Twitch channel.

What to expect

In previous years, we’ve seen Nvidia branch out of its computer graphics domain as it developed other products involving artificial intelligence, virtual reality, streaming media players, and even self-driving cars. It’s possible that this year’s announcement will reveal projects that are simply a continuation of those same categories.

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Since self-driving cars, streaming media players, and virtual reality devices are still all the rage for consumers— especially those with a deep interest in emerging tech— it’s likely that we’ll hear more about Xavier (a system-on-chip for self-driving cars), Nvidia Shield TV (a streaming media player), and the company’s Turing GPUs (their latest step towards “full immersion” virtual reality).

But it’s also possible that Nvidia may surprise us with more of its lesser known endeavors, such as its foray into robotics.

While Nvidia has been working in the field of robotics for awhile, it’s not exactly the field of expertise that comes to mind when you think of Nvidia. That perception could change at this year’s CES. Nvidia has already developed the Jetson AGX Xavier module, which was intended to power things like delivery drones. It would be interesting to see how Nvidia plans to evolve the design and use of the Jetson AGX Xavier module, if at all.

The announcement many gamers are anticipating is a possible GeForce RTX 20-series graphics cards for laptops. That’s right, real-time ray tracing on your laptop. We’ll have to wait for all the details to come forth, but it’s safe to assume we’ll get some time spent on mobile graphics.

In any case, no matter which products Nvidia chooses to announce at this year’s CES, we hope that they’ll continue to surprise us with their expansions into other markets. One thing’s for sure. Nvidia has already proven they’re definitely not just about graphics cards anymore.

The press conference is slated to begin 8 p.m. Pacific and will feature Nvidia’s founder and CEO, Jensen Huang. You can view the press conference here via the embedded video above.

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