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WD Scorpio Blue Notebook Hard Drives Reach 750 GB

Hard drive maker WDC has announced its new high capacity Scorpio Blue hard disk drive for notebook computers, a 9.5mm-tall, 2.5-inch drive that offers up to 750 GB of storage capacity, advanced power management to get the most out of batteries, and technology that the company says makes it one of the quietest notebook drives on the market.

“WD continues to lead the market with capacity points that enable consumers and business professionals to store large quantities of data and rich media content,” said WD senior VP and storage general manager Jim Morris, in a statement. “Our leading power efficiency, achieved without compromise to performance, is another example of the added features and value that our customers have come to expect from WD.”

The 750 GB Scorpio Blue runs at 5,400 rpm and features a 12ms read seek time and a 2ms track-to-track seek time. The Serial ATA interface can manage 3 Gb/s and the drive draws a maximum of 1.6 Watts—that drops to 0.65 Watts when idle and 0.2 Watts when asleep or on standby.

WD says the 750 GB drives are available now through selected distributors and resellers for a suggested price of $149.

Last week, Toshiba announced two new notebook hard drives, with a 9.5mm-tall, 2.5-inch model offering 750 GB of storage and a 12.5mm 2.5-inch drive (that won’t drop into non-workstation notebooks) offering a whopping 1 TB of storage. WD is also offering a 1 TB, 12.5mm version of the Scorpio Blue drive.

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