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What Recession? Apple Sales Numbers Keep Climbing

This just in – Apple is doing well. In news that really shouldn’t shock anyone, Apple sales were very good over the last quarter, showing growth in most categories and pushing up quarterly earnings.  We all know the iPad did very well in its first run, with estimates placing around 500,000 units in the hands of gadget lovers, and more ready to go as soon as supplies can equal demand. The iPhone also continues to mock its competition with huge sales, despite mounting competition and a much beleaguered AT&T network. Throw in the release of a new MacBook, and the standard iPod and computer sales, and it is a good time to an Apple fan with money to spend. Apparently no one told Apple that there is an economic crisis happening.

New data from NPD shows that between 2.8 million and 2.9 million Macs were sold in the March quarter, a growth of 22 to 25 percent. The iPod has sold between 9 and 10 million units, while the iPhone has sold eight million iPhones in the last quarter, bringing the total iPhone units sold at over 50 million.

In total, Apple has grown by an astonishing 47.5 percent over the last five years. Apple is officially no longer the hip upstart, but a tech superpower that rivals Microsoft in company assets.  Once the outcast of the computer world, barely hanging on while its bitter rival Microsoft stamped its name on products all across the world, Steve Jobs and Apple have become a success story for the second time. And perhaps a cautionary tale to overconfident company executives that think their rivals are gone.

Many analysts are expecting the company to level off over the rest of the year, while others are hoping that iPad sales can keep the growth constant. The officially quarterly numbers are due out Tuesday after the stock exchange closes.

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