Why Opera Is Better Than Mozilla

Quote from the editorial:

“Why Opera is better than Mozilla There are several reasons why I think Opera is better than Mozilla. These reasons are probably all personal, but hey, I can’t help that. First and foremost, I like that Opera comes with a lot more features. Now I can just hear everyone going: “Yeah but they’re probably all useless.” I don’t think that’s true. Take the “continue from last time”-option at the start-up. Sometimes I do that, sometimes I open Opera without any pages opened (another option), sometimes I continue a session I saved earlier. I really like that feature. Another one of those features is the built-in IRC client. If I need help with Opera or just want to chat, I can go to the Opera IRC channel and talk to people (don’t expect official support though). So, the features are not all useless. Oh yeah, before I forget, Opera has a pop-up blocker too. “

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