WinBook Launches C Series Notebooks

Better performance, lighter weight and enhanced ergonomics – these were the objectives laid down when developing the new WinBook C series. The new range features Intel Centrino Mobile Technology with the enhanced performance of the Pentium-M Processor 725 (1.6 GHz), and is also offered with the Intel Celeron-M Processor 330 (1.4 GHz).

“Even with higher performance levels, WinBook has made the new WinBook C series significantly more affordable,” said Dan Burns, WinBook president. “In fact, prices start at a ground-breaking $899, over 35 percent less than the previous WinBook C. The new WinBook C series has all of the outstanding attributes associated with WinBook products, yet offers a lower-cost entry point to the world of WinBook.”

The WinBook C220 with Intel Celeron-M processor is priced over 43% less than a similarly-equipped Dell Latitude D505. The WinBook C240 with Intel Centrino Mobile Technology is priced nearly 22% less than a similarly-equipped HP Compaq nc6000 and over 33% less than a similarly equipped Dell Latitude D600 or IBM ThinkPad T41 (see chart).

WinBook C240Significant Improvements in Performance with Exemplary Battery Life

The Pentium-M Processor 725 (1.6 GHz) with a full 2 MB of Level 2 cache produces noticeably faster performance than the previous model, while weight on the new WinBook C series declines from 5.95 pounds to 5.69 pounds. The WinBook C series’ re-engineered 6-cell Lithium ion batteries produces a nearly 5% overall weight savings, while maintaining exemplary 3.5 hour battery life.

Intelligently-packaged with Premium-level Ergonomics

The second-generation WinBook C series remains true to its reputation for delivering the unique benefits of a thin and light notebook at a particularly aggressive price. With the new WinBook C220 and C240 models, WinBook engineers paid special attention to ergonomics, carefully designing the keyboard, glide pad, and other controls for both convenient location and to provide precise, pleasing tactile feedback. This results in premium-level ergonomics from the comfortable keyboard with 19 millimeter pitch and 3 millimeter stroke, two Windows keys and additional Application key to the easily swappable, light weight 6 cell Lithium ion battery.

Boldly Self-Assured Design

The newly designed WinBook C series builds upon the design language of the flagship widescreen WinBook W series and recently-launched widescreen WinBook X series ultra-portable and WinBook V series desktop-replacement notebooks in its striking use of contrasting silver and black accents. The result is a modern, attractive profile which accentuates the compact, dynamic and self-assured image of this thin and light notebook.