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Microsoft puts out a new bug-fix update for Insiders ahead of next week's big Threshold 2 release

windows 10 adoption slowing home screen user
Living life in the Windows Insider fast lane? A new Windows 10 build is available that isn’t that exciting in terms of features, but instead is more of a dress rehearsal for the official release of Threshold 2, the first major update to Windows 10 since its release.

Mostly, Build 10586 fixes some of the minor issues and annoyances that are usually found in Insider builds. Previously, notifications from the Action Center would drastically reduce audio volume, and small form factor devices were experience a bluescreen on upgrade, but those have been solved. The power button on Surface Pro 3s were causing the system to shut down no matter the user’s power settings. Now, it will just sleep if that’s what the user intends.

There were other little glitches too, such as Edge tab previews showing up as black squares, and the systems should now remember what type of login – PIN, password, Hello – was used last time, and attempt to use that again first.

That doesn’t mean Build 10586 is totally free of bugs, however. The upgrade itself may cause Skype messages and contacts to be removed from the Messaging app, but Microsoft offers a solution that issue on the blog post announcing the update. Finally, the Insider Hub may disappear once the update is complete, but recovering it is as simple as going into Settings -> System -> Apps & Features and selecting “Manage optional features.” In that menu, “Add a feature” will let you return the Insider Hub to its proper home on your system.

The update is already available to Insiders in the fast lane, and can be obtained by checking for updates in the Settings app. These builds have become much more stable over the last few months, but it’s important to remember that it’s pre-release software, and if you have any issues, be sure to report them to Microsoft for fixing.

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