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Microsoft working on bug fix to cure Windows 10's endless update loop

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As much as Microsoft might have spent testing Windows 10 and its updates through it various Insider Program rings, there are still a few issues sneaking through. Following the latest one, which lead to some users getting stuck in a never-ending update loop, Microsoft announced it is working on a script that should clean up all of the problems.

The update in question which has caused this rather sticky issue, is Windows 10 Build 1493.222, though this is something we have seen before. Released at the end of last month, it did not take long before users began reporting their systems were unable to complete updates, but could not boot because of the unfinished update, leaving them stuck.

Some users did find that persistence and repeatedly attempting the updates did lead to a functioning system once again, but that is not the case for everyone. For those stuck with non-functioning PCs though, they at least do not have long to wait.

“We’ve been working diligently on this issue and are finalizing a clean-up script that will fix the underlying issue preventing the install of KB3194496 (Cumulative Update 14393.222) for affected users,” Microsoft wrote in a statement to Windows Insiders. “Your patience during our research and subsequent work is greatly appreciated.”

While we do not have word yet on when that script will be released — or if it will be released to insiders first, before the wider Windows 10 audience — it seems like we will not be waiting too long. Leaving users with non-functioning PCs is not a good way to encourage continued uptake of Windows 10, which is something Microsoft wants to see grow in the future.

In the mean time, there are a few fixes on the Insider’s forum (via Winbeta) which you could try if you do not want to wait. We cannot vouch for their validity having not tried them ourselves, but some users have reported them being successful.

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