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New Windows 10 build available, adding LastPass support and Windows Ink improvements

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After a brief lull, Microsoft has released another new Windows Insider build, the first to debut since Gabe Aul gave up the program’s reins to Dona Sarkar. The new build highlights LastPass extension support for Edge and a rather technical Hyper-V container change.

The LastPass extension is straightforward, and also not really a Windows feature. Put simply, the LastPass extension now officially works with Edge. It actually worked earlier this year, but subsequently broke, telling users a newer Windows build was required. It appears 14361 is that build.

Users are less likely to notice the Hyper-V Container change. According to Microsoft, users “can now use Docker natively on Windows 10 […] to build, ship and run containers utilizing the Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5 Nano Server container OS image.” Docker is a development platform that lets developers “wrap” software in a container that helps software execute identically on all supported platforms.

There’s also a large number of Windows Ink changes. The ruler has been lengthened to span the Surface Book’s entire diagonal width, Sketchpad thumbnail load time performance has been improved, and several bugs have been squashed.

The final change users will quickly notice concerns the Settings app. The navigation pane colors have been tweaked to exactly match the user’s mode (white for regular, black for dark), and the currently open settings pane will be highlighted with color in the app’s menu. There’s also a new Settings app home button and some tweaks to text size.

Notably, all of these changes are most relevant to the desktop version of Windows. No significant changes have been made for mobile users, though that’s not to say nothing has changed. Both the desktop and mobile editions have a long changelog summarizing the dozens of minor tweaks made in build 14361. You can check them out in the official blog post.

There are also a few known issues. The most important is a bug that caused significant issues with translate in the French version. Consequently, users who have installed Windows 10 with French as the default language will not receive this build.

You can download build 14361 immediately by joining the Windows 10 Insider Fast Ring.

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