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Windows 10 just got a new lifeline

The Windows Update screen in Windows 10.

Windows 10 users resisting the upgrade to Windows 11 have been offered a lifeline. Micropatch provider 0Patch has announced it will continue supporting Windows 10 beyond its October 2025 end-of-life date, providing critical security updates and bug fixes, as reported by Tom’s Hardware.

While everyone is waiting for Windows 10 to die, 0Patch’s commitment to Windows 10 offers various types of patches, including “0day” patches to address critical vulnerabilities, “Wontfix” patches to fix broken apps and features neglected by Microsoft, and “Non-Microsoft” patches to fix exploits in third-party Windows apps. These Extended Security Update (ESU) updates will be available long after (until 2030), when Microsoft’s extended support will last only three years.

0Patch’s updates are not free, however, and come in two-year plans. A personal plan is available for €25.95 (around $27), giving you more updates than Microsoft.

This isn’t the first time 0Patch has helped keep an OS alive, since they also offered security patches long after Microsoft gave up on Windows 7 in 2020. However, no information remains on how much Microsoft’s ESU system will set mainstream users back. Those eligible for the Education tier will only have to pay $7 for three years, and Enterprise organizations will have to pay $427 for three years.

The security updates will help keep Windows 10 alive a little longer, but many users may decide to upgrade and contribute to the expected sales of Windows 11 computers. The U.S. PC market grew 5% in the first quarter of 2024 and is expected to grow 8% in 2025.

Besides the end of support for Windows 10, another reason users may upgrade is the option of buying PCs with AI support, such as the ones found in Copilot+ PCs.

Judy Sanhz
Judy Sanhz is a Digital Trends computing writer covering all computing news. Loves all operating systems and devices.
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