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Microsoft celebrates Windows 10 Anniversary Update with new Ninja Cat backgrounds

windows 10 ninja cat anniversary ninjacat
Need a new wallpaper for your PC or phone? And do you like cats just as much as you love Windows? Then Microsoft’s new release to help celebrate its upcoming one-year Anniversary Update for Windows 10 will have you covered, as it features a ninja cat and the Windows logo.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 release and update schedule has seen the company attempt to rebrand itself as a services company as well as a software company. While once upon a time Microsoft would have hoped to make the majority of its money from selling its latest OS to the world, it famously made Windows 10 available for free to anyone with a valid Windows 7 or 8.1 license in mid-2015.

That was huge, but it was all part of Microsoft trying to get as many people on to its new OS as possible. Since then it has kept the updates coming thick and fast and the Anniversary Update which is set to go live Tuesday, August 2, continues that trend.

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Hence the big celebration. But that’s only come after months and months of hard work. Microsoft thanked Windows Insiders in its blog post discussing the update, saying that it took on more feedback from Insiders for this update than it did during the buildup to the release of Windows 10, and has received 70 million pieces of feedback in 2016 alone.

That’s why Microsoft has made this rather informal wallpaper release: because its Insider community has acquired a life of its own. Insiders have met and made new relationships and friendships and some have even married as a result of their involvement — much like any large gathering of people.

Tomorrow, 350 million Windows 10 users will begin downloading the big Anniversary Update and Microsoft wants to make sure that its Insider community survives it. Moving forward, it says it wants to interact even more with the community, meeting with some members in person to find out just what they want to use Windows for, so Microsoft can help make that a reality.

You can download the Ninja Cat Windows 10 wallpapers here.

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