Windows 10 Poll: Is the new Start menu enough of a reason for you to upgrade?

windows 10 poll new start menu enough reason upgrade
Windows 10 has been released. Kind of, at least.

Earlier this week, Microsoft revealed and launched the Windows 10 Technical Preview. It boasts a small handful of new features, including a refreshed Start menu, the ability to run Metro apps in windowed mode, and virtual desktops. There’s little doubt that the return of the Start menu is the biggest reason to use the Windows 10 Technical Preview, especially for people who use Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. Both of those operating systems are Start menu-less. Plus, the Technical Preview is free.

Microsoft has noted that this is an early build of Windows 10, and that it will receive more consumer-oriented features (including Cortana, it looks like) down the line. However, we can’t help but wonder whether the inclusion of a new Start menu, which arguably never should have been removed in the first place, is enough of a reason to make a big chunk of users grab the Technical Preview in its current form. For some, that answer is a clear yes, but do a majority of Windows users feel that way?

That’s why we are running a poll which asks this very question. Is the Windows 10 Technical Preview, as presently constituted, enticing enough for you to want to grab it? Or does it need to offer some more compelling features in order to pique your interest?

Cast your votes below!

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