12 of the biggest problems with Windows 10, and how to fix them

Windows 10 home screen
Greg Mombert/Digital Trends

Microsoft really needs a hit, and it looks as though the latest Windows release could be it. A lovely new Start menu, great multi-tasking, and an easy transition between desktop and tablet mode are just a few reasons to get excited. Cortana and Edge might need a bit of work, and some users are definitely encountering teething troubles, but it’s still early days. No software is perfect out of the gate.

Additionally, not every Windows 10 update is perfect. In fact, some — like the Windows 10 Anniversary Update — come with their fair share of new bugs and errors that users need to deal with. That’s not fun…which is why we’re helping out. We’ve gathered together a few commonly reported Windows 10 problems right here, and we’re offering up suggested workarounds and potential fixes.

Problem: Windows 10 won’t download

Users who have Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 are supposed to be able to download Windows 10 automatically by clicking an upgrade icon in the system tray on the taskbar. However, some users have had difficulty with the download, or haven’t been authorized to download it yet (Microsoft is rolling out upgrades gradually so the Internet doesn’t break).


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