Stardock releases new tool to tweak the Windows 10 Start menu

One of the big focuses for Microsoft with the development of Windows 10, was to make it so that it felt more familiar to those that were coming from Windows 7 and older operating systems. Perhaps the biggest criticism of Windows 8 was that it felt too tablet like and hid away the more traditional looking desktop, including the Start Menu, which was MIA.

As much as the new Windows 10 looks and feels much more traditional, whilst still using some of the best parts of Windows 8, some people wish it went further, and offered an optional Windows 7-style Start Menu. Fortunately, there’s now a solution for that.

Stardock, a company known as much for reskinning operating systems as it is for its game developments, has announced Start10, a sequel to its Start8 program which added a Start button to Windows 8. Start 10 doesn’t add a new Menu, but what it does to the existing one makes it look almost identical to the one Windows 7 has.

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This might seem like a step backwards, as it eschew’s new developments like the interactive live-tiles, but there’s a lot of customization available for those that want to delve into it. You can pin programs to the bar, reshuffle folder links and change their destinations and you can modify the color scheme too so that it matches your taskbar or its wallpaper. Or change all of them together to any color you choose.

The only downside for those considering it, is that this isn’t some free software. Stardock is charging $5 a pop for the privilege of controlling your own Star menu experience. Although that might be too much for some, for those that want an OS that works just how they want it, this might not be a bad purchase. There is a 30-day trial, however, if you’d like to give the menu a whirl before you buy.