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Latest Windows 10 update is causing random reboots and can break Visual Basic

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The latest update for Windows 10 is causing a string of issues for users. The update includes patches against two critical vulnerabilities, but it is leading to problems including random reboots and failure to install.

The update was made available on Tuesday this week, as a defense against two remote code execution vulnerabilities which were “wormable,” meaning they can travel from one infected computer to another. Microsoft disclosed the vulnerabilities and informed users about the patches in a blog post, encouraging users to update their operating systems straight away.

However, some users have run into problems when trying to apply the latest update, and Microsoft has acknowledged that there are “known issues” with the update. Most seriously, “a small number of devices may start up to a black screen during the first logon after installing updates,” which would be worrying for users. However, this issue can be fixed by using Ctrl + Alt + Delete on the black screen and then using the Power button in the bottom right of the screen to select Restart. This should allow the PC to boot normally.

Another big problem with the update is that it can break some Visual Basic applications. “After installing this update, applications that were made using Visual Basic 6 (VB6), macros using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), and scripts or apps using Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) may stop responding and you may receive an ‘invalid procedure call error.’,” Microsoft said. There is currently no fix for this problem.

Some users on Reddit have also complained about the update causing random reboots to their systems. Other users are having problems downloading and installing the update itself. Microsoft says it is working on a solution for these issues to be rolled out in a future update.

For now, you should update your operating system even if you’re worried about update issues as the security vulnerability being patched is a serious one. But be prepared that you might see some issues with the update process. If you’d rather not deal with the update issues at all and you’re willing to take the risk, there’s also an option to pause Windows updates which you could use until Microsoft announces a fix.

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