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Windows 11 is borrowing from the Mac in one significant way

Matching MacOS standards, Microsoft has announced that Windows will now release major updates once a year, ditching its tradition of delivering two feature updates per year. This new release cadence will be kicked off by the release of Windows 11, which was officially announced this week by Microsoft, later this year.

There have been multiple complaints about Windows 10’s updates since day one. Microsoft has been releasing two major updates every year and users have been annoyed with their frequency and quality. The company’s two major feature releases each year push the operating system to force update some of the devices that may be running on a version that’s not meeting the end of service.

Windows 11 updates are moving to once a year.
Daniel Martin/Screenshot

Many Windows 10 users have had to face inconvenience due to Windows 10 releasing updates every few months. They have long been suggesting fewer updates with better stability. If the company releases fewer updates a year, it will have more time to work on them and enhance their design and stability. In tuen, people would have to deal with fewer updates and not go through the time-consuming process of upgrading their system every few months. They’ll also face fewer compatibility issues that arise as a result of the upgrades demanding different system settings as necessary prerequisites.

Thankfully, the company has listened to these demands. It will now be shifting to the once-a-year update cycle, just like Apple does with its MacOS updates. Our hope is that Microsoft will also resolve the performance and stability issues that its updates were often plagued by. We’re also hopeful that the updates will be more meaningful after a long history of mediocre ones. Another piece of good news is that, according to Microsoft, updates on Windows 11 will be 40% smaller, which means they’ll hopefully take less time to download and install.

We can expect the new Windows 11 to ship in the second half of this year and for updates to arrive yearly around the same time. Microsoft said it will continue to update the operating system by releasing small, cumulative updates like it always has, except it will now happen yearly.

For eager users who wish to take a sneak peek at the new version of the OS beforehand, the Windows Insider Program is always ready to be installed. The program receives new builds almost every week.

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