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Windows 11 will finally resolve this widely criticized multi-monitor issue

Windows has long been criticized for the way it connects with additional screens, but the upcoming announcement of Windows 11 seems to have finally addressed the complaints. What are the issues? Well, people have run into problems trying to connect two monitors or more with Windows 10, such as some programs or tabs automatically being moved to a different location on the display. Other problems include all programs being grouped in one specific area of one of the monitors when the device is untouched for a while.

The good news is that Microsoft plans on improving the experience for people who wish to utilize two or more displays. As suggested by a couple of new options spotted in the display management settings on the leaked build version of Windows 11, the operating system will remember program and tab locations based on the last time the user connected to an external display. Access to this new display control will fix your multi-monitor issues by bringing the programs back to the same position when you reconnect additional screens.

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Connecting additional monitors on Windows 10 is an issue that has obviously been frustrating and has been flagged as a serious problem on Feedback Hub. The cause of this issue is the Rapid Hot Plug Detect (Rapid HPD), which negatively affects the DisplayPort multi-monitor and consequently impacts the arrangement of programs and tabs. Thus, users are required to rearrange their programs all over again when they connect their primary screen to additional displays.

Another way in which Microsoft is attempting to ensure minimized desktop rearrangement issues in the future is by automatically minimizing programs open on a user’s secondary screen once it is disconnected. The feature aims to boost your efficiency when working across multiple programs. It also means you won’t have to struggle looking for apps on a primary screen that are hidden by the apps on secondary screens that are no longer needed.

All that we know right now is just based on the Windows 11’s leaked build. Microsoft will hopefully be revealing more details on June 24 at its Windows preview event. The improvements planned by Microsoft should be immensely helpful, as connecting additional displays has become increasingly common in both workplaces and homes.

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