Windows 7 For Christmas?

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In a webcast devoted to Windows 7 and its abilities, Microsoft has dropped a massive hint that the new OS will be on sale before Christmas.

“The goal for Windows 7 RTM (released to manufacturers) is to be three years after Windows Vista RTM date,” the company said. Vista was released in October 2006.

Discussing Windows 7 features, Mark Manasse, principle researcher at Microsoft Research, admitted that “performance was a huge problem with Vista,” but on Windows 7 said:

“But I am pleased, and quite surprised to say, that I was pleasantly surprised at performance. I’ve run it on bespoke and virtual systems and am very impressed by the way it runs.”

The company has spent a lot of time over a number of issues, including the compatability headache so many Vista users faced:

“If it worked with Vista it should work with Windows 7 and if it runs Vista it should run 7 faster,” said Erik Lustig, a senior product manager responsible for Windows Fundamentals.

Windows 7 will also have a Power Configuration function; that scans the user’s computer and list ways to cut power output, and Microsoft has spent “a ton of time” on battery time, Vnunet reports.