Windows 9 reveal rumored for this fall, may feature new activation process

windows 9 announced fall may feature new activation process russian leaker says

According to Betanews, a Russian hacker that goes by the alias “WZor” has made some new claims not only about the future of Windows 8.1, but Windows 9 as well.

A translation of what WZor says indicates that Windows 8.1 Update 2 will be the final significant update for Windows 8.1. On top of that, WZor claims that Microsoft will announce Windows 9 sometime this fall.

Though WZor says that Microsoft will be reviving the Start menu in Windows 9, that runs contrary to what they said in April. Back then, WZor stated that the return of the Start menu would be brought about in Windows 8.1 Update 2, not Windows 9.

That’s not to say that WZor isn’t a reliable source of information. In fact, a lot of the tidbits that WZor leaked about Windows 8.1 Update 1 prior to its release turned out to be accurate, including the ability to use Windows 8.1 apps from the traditional desktop environment.

On top of that, WZor claims that Windows 9 may feature a new method of activation.

“After facing problems in China, Microsoft is thinking about a new activation system of Windows 9,” WZor’s translated text allegedly states. “Apparently this is slowing down development right now. It’s assumed that the activation of products distributed via ESD-RETAIL channels will be more tightly associated with a specific PC and that activation will be done when user will log in to Microsoft Store. Activation key won’t be given to user and he won’t need to enter key manually.”

A new activation method would make sense. Microsoft has alleged that most Windows XP users in China are running pirated copies of the operating system.