Windows 10’s release won’t mark the end of Windows Insider

windows insider 10 launch

The Windows Insider program was a nice early bird testing platform, that let a number of eager souls try out Microsoft’s latest developments for its Windows operating system and gave the software giant much needed feedback on whether what it was doing was right. With the release of Windows 10 just around the corner, many thought the niche testing group would end, but that’s not so. According to Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul, the program will continue well beyond 10’s release and into the future.

That’s good news for fans of the test release platform, as it means that they can continue to provide feedback for Microsoft in the future and get an early look into what the company is working on. They don’t need to do a full re-install when the launch version of Windows 10 is released either.

It also gives the mobile users a continually supported platform, as though the desktop version of the new OS is on schedule to release within the next couple of months, the smartphone variant is delayed until later in the year. This is par for the course with Microsoft, which released its mobile version of Windows 8 later than the PC variant.

Aul has been quite forward about other features making it, or not, when it comes to the big Windows 10 launch build. Windows Media Center is just one of the many casualties that have fallen to the wayside in the quest to create Microsoft’s next beloved OS.

Are you one of the several million people that signed up to the Insider Program? If so, will you continue to use it after Windows 10 is released?