Windows Store zips past 35,000 apps, now adding 415 Windows 8 apps a day

windows store zips past 35000 apps now adding 415 a day 8 home

According to stats by MetroScore Scanner, the Windows Store has exceeded 35,000 available Windows 8 apps. The marketplace is currently adding about 415 new apps daily, an even steeper rate than the 362 apps being added each day back in November. 

The official tally now stands at 35,167 apps for the new Microsoft machines, 22,000 of which are available in the U.S. According to The Next Web, Windows 8 started out with 10,000 apps on October 30, jumped to 16,000 apps by November 14, and reached the 20,000 mark on November 22. It’s also important to keep in mind that many of the apps are free, meaning that revenue is not growing at the same exponential rate. 

As the first Windows OS to offer an app store, it makes sense for all the companies that had programs and software for old Microsoft computers to push to get their wares up in the most appropriate format for the new system. Growth for the marketplace has been on a consistently positive trajectory since the OS debuted in October. But not everyone has jumped on the bandwagon for the app store; Google said it will not be developing any apps for the Windows 8 computers. 

Considering the dire predictions that faced Microsoft when the new OS came out, a rate of 415 new apps a day is reflective of the high level of interest developers are showing in the platform. If the store keeps up its current rate of new apps, the Windows Store will surpass 50,000 apps on February 1. Windows 8 has sold more than 40 million licenses so far, so it appars that Microsoft will begin the next year with a solid position. 

Image via Kevin Jarrett